Sharkoon T28 review

Written by Tom Morgan

July 9, 2012 | 08:52

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Sharkoon T28 - Interior

Inside the T28 the two SSD brackets and expansion port covers have been painted to match the case's colour scheme, so if you’re a stickler for details the T28 has got you covered.

Inside, there’s not a great deal of room behind the motherboard tray – this is in spite of Sharkoon taking the time to cut several cable management holes in the motherboard tray. Flat side panels don't help and we had to fight with the thick ATX power cable just to get the side panel back on. We don’t think that a few rubber grommets would have added significantly to the price either; without them cabling is a littler messier than it has to be.

*Sharkoon T28 Review Sharkoon T28 - Interior *Sharkoon T28 Review Sharkoon T28 - Interior
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A tool-free 5.25in drive cage lets you add or remove up to two optical drives without reaching for a screwdriver, although the drive covers were a little awkward to remove – you have to remove the front fascia to release them but it will only pull so far away from the case because of the attached front I/O panel cables.

Adding extra storage once you’ve built a system is easy enough, thanks to the 3.5in drive cages which are rotated to face the left side of the case. The top and bottom drive cages have been riveted into place, making it difficult to remove them without tools, and with the middle drive cage in place, there was barely enough room to fit our monstrous EyeFinity 6 graphics card. Luckily, a screwdriver isn’t required to remove it, and once the card was installed we could slide it back into place. If you’ve got a longer card, you’ll have to leave the middle drive cage out altogether. Each cage uses tool-free 3.5in mounting brackets, letting you install up to eight hard disks.

*Sharkoon T28 Review Sharkoon T28 - Interior *Sharkoon T28 Review Sharkoon T28 - Interior
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Cooling ability is fairly minimal, with just three 120mm fan mounts; two 120mm front intakes and one 120mm rear exhaust. All three are supplied with a pre-fitted 120mm LED-lit fan. The LED colours are colour-matched to the motherboard tray, but don’t offer speed control or the ability to switch the LEDs off. They are at least mounted with silicone fasteners rather than screws, which prevents vibration from transferring to the case. We liked the removable dust filter underneath the bottom-mounted PSU bay too, but there aren’t any fitted to the other three fan mounts

With no extra fan mounts, you’ll need to remove the rear exhaust fan to fit a 120mm radiator – Sharkoon has pre-cut two water-cooling holes in the rear I/O panel, but more advanced water-cooling would involve removing the drive cages to make room for a radiator.
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