Lian Li Silent Force 850W PSU

November 13, 2008 | 08:08

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Lian Li Silent Force 850W PSU

Manufacturer: Lian Li
UK Price (as reviewed): TBA
US Price (as reviewed): $210.00 (ex. Tax) - MSRP

Lian Li is famed for its critically acclaimed aluminium cases, but how well does it design power supplies? One doesn't necessarily afford excellence in the other field, but Lian Li claims its power designs are as good as its cases.

The Silent Force is not to be confused with the Maxima Force series - the Maximas are non-modular and have the option of a blue LED fan, whereas the Silent Force concentrates on doing what it says on the tin: silence. Clearly an over-used word by over-zealous marketing teams "silence" is objective at best.

We rate true silence as being "without noise"; and actually achieving inaudibility is an incredibly difficult feat unless you work on a building site or next to an airport.

Strangely the Silent Force goes from 650W to 850W, whereas the Maxima Force is 470-750W with a dubious "maximum output" rated approximately 100W higher than this. With the Silent Force series though, what's written on the side of the box is what you get - in this case, a full 850W continuous output, just how we like it.

Lian Li Silent Force 850W PSU Lian Li Silent Force 850W PSU
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The chunky foam housing inside the box keeps the PSU safe during transportation and shipping, assuring that it should reach you without harm. In the box, Lian Li packs the extra modular cables and power adapter in a separate bag to keep them all together, preventing them from getting lost. The manual is a neat, multi-language affair that offers a surprising amount of product information, installation instructions and troubleshooting.

Lian Li Silent Force 850W PSU Lian Li Silent Force 850W PSU
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