Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W

August 12, 2008 | 09:09

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What's Inside?

The fan is made by Young Lin Tech of Taiwan and is the DFS1325: a 13cm wide, 25mm deep sleeve bearing (12V DC) model. Unfortunately the company website doesn't list this fan specifically, so we don't know the official specifications for airflow CFM and noise. Sleeve bearings are usually quieter than ball bearing and have comparable noise levels to fluid bearings, but they generally don't last as long.

Inside, Cooler Master has a very large double row of fins to maximise the contact with the airflow from the fan, and the quality of manufacture is exceptionally clean. None of the components, apart from the tall thin capacitors buried under the wiring that protrudes out the back, are susceptible to movement if you wiggle them either - this is key to note so they won't touch any other component or break after years of vibration.

Cooler Master uses a ferrite ring to limit incoming power ripple from the AC source, rather than work on it during the power conversion or nearer the outputs. The only other part that has a ferrite ring is the "Power OK" grey cable that returns the voltage stable status back to the PSU.

The Modular connectors are also particularly clean and solidly held in place, and everything is properly fenced off from one another too. A slight concern is that the two large capacitors are placed underneath the hot fins so the air will collect heat before it gets to them, yet it has nowhere to escape to because on all sides they are hemmed in by walls or large components.

Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W What's Inside? Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W What's Inside?
Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W What's Inside? Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W What's Inside?

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