Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator

Written by Joe Martin

February 9, 2008 | 07:32

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Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator

Manufacturer: Razer
UK Price (as reviewed): £53.39 (inc. VAT)
US Price (as reviewed): $69.99 (excl. Tax)

Razer is a very well known company in gaming circles, having neatly captured the hearts of all those gamers with a certain finger-grip for their mice and a love for high sensitivities. In recent years that reputation has expanded dramatically and Razer has moved onwards into other fields than just mice, designing and releasing all manner of peripherals from keyboards to cable tidies.

Hell, it even does sound cards nowadays.

Now, Razer is heading into the headset market and hopes to prove itself with the Piranha Gaming Communicator – something which it obviously thinks is so snazzy it has to be classed as a ‘communicator’ instead of a mere headset.

Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator
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Is Robert Krakoff’s pride well placed in the Piranha though? Can the Piranha impress as much as the Razer DeathAdder, which we ranked as the best peripheral of 2007?

A Little Fishy

Opening up the packaging for the Razer Piranha was a bit of a special experience. Unlike many of the headsets and peripherals we review, sometimes even the best of which come in hastily reassembled cardboard, the Razer Piranha actually came properly, decently packed. The flimsy plastic inside was lined with fabric and everything – talk about plush.

Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator Razer Piranha Gaming Communicator
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Naturally, it was downhill a bit from there and it ended up taking Rich and I about twenty minutes to get the Piranha unpacked completely. It shouldn’t take two expert box unpackers that long to get some headphones out of a box, but the massively long cable on the Piranha complicated matters a little.
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