Func HS-260 Review

Written by Edward Chester

March 5, 2014 | 08:55

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Func HS-260 Review - Performance and Conclusion

First impressions of the Func HS-260 are generally very good. However, after only a few minutes use we did encounter some issues with the fit.

The main problem is the headband grip is rather weak. This causes the headset to feel quite loose – regardless of which earcup pads we used – and a vaguely vigorous nod would cause them to shift considerably and come close to falling off. By all means we’re talking about a motion that wouldn’t be entirely natural but for such a sizeable circumaural headset we expect better. The headband offers plenty of adjustment – around 35mm on each side – but this didn’t help the overall grip of the headset.

Func HS-260 Review

Also, although the headband padding feels reasonably soft and deep to the touch, we found we developed a sore head after less than an hour’s use. This is poor for such a large headset which should theoretically offer greater comfort than an on-ear on in-ear headphone style. Obviously mileage will vary on both of these issues but we definitely found them slightly disappointing on the comfort front.

Func HS-260 Review

Regarding the interchangeable pads, we didn't find we had a strong preference for either really. We erred towards the pleather ones but both were reasonably comfortable and provided a good seal, and we certainly welcome having the choice.

When it comes to sound quality we were reasonably impressed. Although the HS-260 does have a fairly strong bass response which muffles the sound quite a bit, it doesn’t feel quite as forced as on some gaming headsets and hidden away in there is a reasonable amount of high-end detail.

Func HS-260 Review

Overall we’d say it’s still a headset for bass heads rather than audiophiles but we generally enjoyed a wide range of music, games and video while wearing this headset - something which can't be said for the worst bass-boosting offenders.

The microphone isn’t a noise-cancelling model and does produce a fairly thin sound but does offer good enough sound quality for basic voice recording and gaming chat, plus that flexible mount means it’s easy to get it positioned exactly as you want.

The Func HS-260 is a great mid-range gaming headset. It’s reasonably stylish, sturdy and has loads of great features, including its detachable cable and microphone system and interchangeable earcup pads. Sound quality is also decent, assuming you like a reasonably bassy sound.

However, the loose fit and slightly under-padded headband meant that we found them a little uncomfortable. However, mileage may vary and overall for the price it’s a well thought out headset.
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