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Written by Antony Leather

March 25, 2009 | 11:21

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Real World Testing and Samples

We used the Flip Mino HD in two quite different locations and recorded short videos in each. The first was in our lab which, despite the fluorescent lighting, isn't the best lit location in the world so should emphasise how well it copes in low light situations which is where mobile phones usually suffer quite badly when capturing still images and video, even if they have flash.

The second was out of our fifth floor London-based office window overlooking a strikingly attractive building site with buildings as far as the eye can see, so a good example of how well the landscapes are captured.

The images are low compression JPEG screen captures at the default 720p resolution obtained from the video while playing it back in QuickTime 7.

Flip Mino HD Real World Testing and Samples
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Click here to download the original test video sample [139MB]

As we can see, the low light performance is fantastic, if a little over-exposed. At full size, our screen captures show the images are noticeably soft and lacking detail as a result though, but during playback of the video file this is much less noticeable. The black level calibration and white balance are particularly impressive with the surfaces on the black Silverstone TJ-07 case clearly defined and not just a large mess of colour.

Viewing the video it appears the Flip Mino HD can manage to get quite close to the subject, certainly closer than the stated 1.5m minimum focussing distance although those of you needing macro ability should definitely look elsewhere.

Flip Mino HD Real World Testing and Samples
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Click here to download the original test video sample [67MB]

Outside now in a rare bright sunny day in the UK in March and the softness is still evident with the sky and building appearing pixellated when viewing at full size. However, despite practically shooting into direct sunlight, colours on the buildings are well defined and there's plenty of detail so the Flip Mino HD is equally adept at shooting outside too.

There was also very little if any time needed for the Flip Mino HD to adjust for instance panning from the bright sky to the darker building site and street views and despite the small fixed aperture, the focus was acceptable too.
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