ECS Manufacturing in ShenZhen

Written by Tim Smalley

June 16, 2006 | 18:41

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While we were out in the Far East, we were given the opportunity to go and have a look at ECS' brand new manufacturing facility. ECS Elitegroup is a company doing big things in the industry right now and it is not going to slow down any time soon. The company opened the Golden Elite Technology manufacturing campus in November 2005 in the Guangdong Province, Shen Zhen. Since opening it has established itself as the company's second largest manufacturing base in China.

We went along to see the ECS PCBA campus, and we also went along to visit one of ECS Manufacturing's plants, too. The PCBA plant that we actually visited had only been producing motherboards for a little over 24 hours. By the start of Q3, ECS expects the Golden Elite Technology PCBA plant to produce around 800,000 units a month.

ECS Manufacturing in ShenZhen Introduction
One of the factories on the Golden Elite Technology campus
The campus is not completely utilised yet, and ECS is expanding it every day. As a result of the expansions, ECS plans to increase the on-campus work force from roughly 1,000 employees at the time of writing to over 5,000 by the end of the year. At the same time, it plans to double its monthly production capacity to 1.6 million motherboards per month on the Golden Elite Technology campus alone.

There is still plenty of space for ECS to expand and build more factories on this campus, too. The company plans to make 2.4 million motherboards a month across 48 RoHS-compliant production lines by the end of 2007. One thing that is key when you're producing volumes as large as this - the ability to ship the product world-wide without too much trouble. Major airports and ports are less than 90 minutes away, meaning that large quantities of product can be shipped world-wide in around three to four days.

ECS Manufacturing in ShenZhen Introduction
ECS Manufacturing (Shen Zhen) Co. Ltd, Plant II - image courtesy of ECS
Over the course of this article, we'll follow the production of a motherboard right from constructing the inner layers of the PCB right the way to packing and shipping to customers. We were shown the PCB production process at the Golden Elite Technology campus and we followed the motherboard production line from start to finish in a separate factory - ECS Manufacturing (Shen Zhen) Co. Ltd.

The Golden Elite Technology campus also produces motherboards, but we managed to grab a better selection of photographs from the ECSM Plant II motherboard production line.
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