Enermax Coolergiant 600W SLI

Written by Wil Harris

March 23, 2005 | 00:00

Tags: #600w #coolergiant #pci-express #power-supply #psu #sli

Companies: #enermax

Regular readers will know that we looked at the Enermax Coolergiant Noisetaker 600W (phew!) a while back now, and found it to be a sturdy performer.

Well, Coolergiant has been hard at work to produce a variant on this design, with dual PCI-Express graphics plugs for powering an Nvidia SLi graphics setup. In fact, Coolergiant have even worked with Nvidia to get this certified to power your SLi rig - which, as you may know, is not an easy job. Dual 6800 Ultras pull an insane amount of current, and require a hefty, and stable, power supply to keep them running.

Our initial testing suggests that Coolergiant have knocked the problem on the head, with this unit putting in the same stable performance as its predecessor. For today, we'll leave you with some pictures, but look out for an extensive guide to SLi in the coming weeks.

Expect to pay in the region of £90 for the unit.
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