Eizo Foris FX2431 24in TFT Monitor Review

Written by Clive Webster

September 19, 2009 | 10:01

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Eizo Foris FX2431 24in TFT Monitor

Manufacturer: Eizo
UK Price (as reviewed): £884.35 (inc VAT
US Price (as reviewed): N/A

For years, Eizo has produced screens for people who require the ultimate in colour accuracy and wide contrast ranges, such as doctors, who need to view accurate digital X-rays, and professionals who retouch images. The Foris FX2431 is Eizo’s first home entertainment display, but that doesn’t mean the company has skimped on its usual high standards.

You’d certainly hope not, anyway, as this 1,920 x 1,200, 24in screen costs nearly £900.

Eizo typically places quality above trivialities such as price, and the company has made very few compromises with the Foris. Only DisplayPort is missing from the list of video inputs, although the Foris has two HDMI inputs to compensate.

The audio inputs are just as comprehensive, with the 3.5mm mini-jack joined by two RCA inputs and both a 3.5mm mini-jack out and a 3.5mm headphone port. There’s also a two-port USB 2 hub. This armada of connectors is arranged neatly on the rear of the screen, so it’s easy to see where to plug in all your cables.

Eizo Foris FX2431 24in TFT Monitor Review Eizo Foris FX2431 24in TFT Monitor
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The stand is suitably solid and robust, even if it won’t give Samsung and Sony monitors much competition for looks. You can adjust the stand’s height and tilt, and the base swivels nicely, so the lack of pivot isn’t a great omission. To adjust the screen’s height, you must lift the screen on the curved stalk and tilt it simultaneously, which can be awkward, as the slider and tilt hinge are quite stiff. However, this means that you’d have to be very clumsy to knock the screen out of its ideal position.

Eizo Foris FX2431 24in TFT Monitor Review Eizo Foris FX2431 24in TFT Monitor
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The panel is based on VA liquid crystals, and Eizo has added overdrive circuitry to reduce the switching time to a reasonable 6ms (grey to grey). We saw little sign of blurriness during our tests, and the Lagom tests showed the Foris to be one of the most responsive screens we’ve seen - click Next to see just how fast.
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