Thermaltake v14 Pro

Written by Harry Butler

October 10, 2008 | 12:21

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Thermaltake v14 Pro

Manufacturer: Thermaltake
UK Price (as reviewed): N/A
US Price (as reviewed) N/A

Weight (with fan): 840g
Size (with fan): 161mm(H) x 171mm(W) x 100mm(H) D
Fan Size: 139mm
Fan Speed: 1000-1600RPM
Noise Level: 16-24dBa
Warranty: One year standard warranty via retailer
Supported Motherboards: Intel LGA 775,AMD 754, 939, 940, AM2

Déjà-vu is a funny thing, that vague recollection of having seen or done something before which can strike at almost any time. It’s a feeling I’ve had throughout testing the Thermaltake v14 Pro and it’s only struck home as I’ve started writing this that we’ve seen this cooler before, or least one very similar to it, in the Thermaltake V1 that Rich reviewed way back last year.

We’ve certainly looked a great deal of CPU coolers since then, while also significantly changing our testing methodology to involve the installation of the cooler into a standard ATX mid-tower case to give real world rather than test bench results, so it’ll be interesting to see how the new and improved cooler measures up against today’s competition.

Thermaltake v14 Pro Thermaltake v14 Pro
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And the Thermaltake v14 Pro certainly seems to be bringing some significant upgrades to the table over the previous model, with the 120mm fan replaced with a 140mm, and an extra two heatpipes added to the cooling array, the cooler certainly looks the business – but as we’ve seen in the past, appearances can be deceiving and a cooler fitted with tons of heatpipes and cooling fins doesn't necessarily perform as well as smaller, better designed cooler.

Whats in the box?

Thermaltake has shipped the cooler with everything you’ll need to get the v14 Pro fitted to LGA775, AM2, S939 and S754 motherboards, which is to say not a lot. In the box you’ll find a pair of chromed LGA775 push pin mounts and four screws to mount them to the cooler, a chromed tension arm for fitting onto AMD motherboards, a small tube of Thermaltake OEM thermal paste, and the usual quick installation guide.

Thermaltake v14 Pro Thermaltake v14 Pro
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However, there’s also a rather nifty twist and go style fanbus fitted to the cooler itself, allowing for the adjustment of fan speed between 12V and 5V (full speed to half speed) – a really nice inclusion allowing you to set the cooler’s compromise between cooling and noise levels. So often we see coolers without a fanbus, but they really are an excellent inclusion and the automatic fan speed adjustment available via a motherboard and a four-pin PWM fan doesn’t really compare to the adjustability you get from a manual fanbus.
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