Deepcool Gamer Storm Castle 240EX Review

September 9, 2019 | 17:00

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Performance Analysis

A quick note on the testing front: We’ve switched to a custom-made, automated script for cooler testing to improve consistency and reduce human error. The actual process is the same, and we have found it to be directly comparable to the old method, so we’ll be switching to that for now and possibly releasing a public version at a later date – no promises on that one, though. A huge thanks go out to our very own MLyons (AKA DevDoge) for his hard work on this.

On both Intel and AMD CPUs, the Deepcool Castle 240EX is a great performer, joining larger all-in-ones at or near the top of the charts. Remember, our testing is conducted at full speed, so the fans are operating at louder than you’d probably like, but it’s still excellent to see such good peak performance, as it means there’s plenty of headroom for running the fans at more sensible levels. That said, you will have to rely on your motherboard’s fan control or a physical controller for this, as Deepcool does not include any method of fan control, be it hardware or software. Pump noise was also not a real issue with this cooler.


To our eyes, the Deepcool Castle 240EX is a solid offering from the Chinese manufacturer. UK availability is still TBC, but in the US it retails for $130, which is a little below premium Corsair offerings and the like where you get RGB fans and software-driven speed control. Although it’s absent of these features, the RGB that is included is very tasty and easy to control, and the ability to customise the logo cap is a nice touch too.

Cooling performance is solid and as good as any other premium all-in-one solution, though high-end air coolers are just as good these days. Installation is mostly hassle-free (again, though, this is the norm), and the build quality is good. Deepcool’s anti-leak technology and three-year warranty may add extra peace of mind to the equation too. In short, it’s another decent product in a very crowded market, but if it’s taken your fancy, it certainly has our seal of approval.

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