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We first saw OCZ’s Neural Impulse Actuator working last year at CeBIT, but since then its design has changed in leaps and bounds.

While it had originally looked like an eighties sweatband, it has now been focused into a far better-looking product.

Obviously, there are those of you that will never wear something like this – but who thought we’d all be sitting in our cars with mobile phone hands-free kits poking out our ears, making us look like Lieutenant Uhura ten years ago?

So initially while we expect certain resistance to a new input method as everyone is greatly accustomed to the keyboard and mouse, we really encourage experiencing it if you can! We’ll tell you more in the full review as soon as it arrives.

CeBIT 2008: The Best of the Rest OCZ Technology CeBIT 2008: The Best of the Rest OCZ Technology

Back to the world of today and OCZ is considering watercooling in the future – it has further developed its FlexXLC range of memory to now include the Flex II and with it comes a far more impressive retail package and watercooling adapter. This is exactly what was needed in the first place.

Before now, if you’ve ever bought OCZ memory it comes in clear plastic packaging like most memory kits. Now this has been hugely improved to finally make it feel like you’ve actually bought a premium product.

The OCZ PSU line has also had a new addition, the EliteXStream. This is a mix of PC Power & Cooling internal components, but it comes with OCZ branding and styling as well as a large fan on the top instead of an 80mm at the back. In the traditional style of PCPower & Cooling, it is a non-modular unit, but it should be quieter given the larger 120mm fan. Price is yet to be confirmed but expect it to be cheaper than the TurboCool alternatives.

CeBIT 2008: The Best of the Rest OCZ Technology CeBIT 2008: The Best of the Rest OCZ Technology

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