Thermaltake Commander C35 TG ARGB Edition Review

Written by Antony Leather

June 21, 2019 | 16:30

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As we mentioned previously, things are rather Spartan inside the Commander C35 TG ARGB Edition, but it does have some blank canvas appeal. Those notches in the panel next to the motherboard tray support reservoirs, although these can potentially reduce GPU clearance, which stands at 410mm or 310mm with a reservoir installed. CPU height clearance sits at a generous 180mm - plenty of scope for using a monster heatsink.

The PSU cover does a good job of hiding clutter and offering a clean look but does have a large area cut out to provide space for radiators and reservoirs. The front section can house either 360mm or 280mm radiators while the roof offers a home to the latter but is limited to 240mm when you dip down to 120mm fan radiators. 

Cable tidying is reasonable, although there are no rubber grommets and precious few cable ties in the box as well - it's just as well the fans cut down on the number of cables. Round the back the PCI expansion slots make a slight nuisance of themselves, donning steel plates that screw down onto expansion card brackets. These remind us of bargain basement cases, and we're honestly not sure what they're doing here.

Either the roof or front section are viable options for radiators; AIO liquid-coolers are most likely to find their way into the former, where you'll benefit from elongated fan mounts that run the entire length of the panel. The enormous front fans mean that pretty much every area inside the case is going to be actively cooled to one degree or another, but likely with less airflow directed at your GPU than you'd see with a more concentrated 120mm or 140mm fan. Again the copious mesh will definitely help with getting air into the case.

There are three positions for hard disks including the base at the front plus two mounts on the side of the case, so even if you water-cool your system there's still space for two hard disks, even if you drop a large radiator into that front section. Each of these trays can house a 2.5" SSD too with two further dedicated 2.5" mounts thumb-screwed into the rear of the motherboard tray. We should point out that the rear fan can either be connected to the RGB controller and run at full speed, or you can use its three-pin connector to hook it up to your motherboard for some much-needed fan control.

Everything but the rear fan is connected to the RGB controller as standard, so you just need to use a free SATA power connector to fire it up and the front fans power and lighting are then taken care of with a minimum of fuss. It's still hard to ignore the downside that you can't control the fan speeds thanks to Thermaltake using proprietary connectors, however.

We'd like to see that remedied in future perhaps with a PWM header for the controller above that can be connected to a motherboard fan header. It's fairly easy to keep a typical system tidy inside the Commander C35 TG ARGB Edition, but a few more cable ties wouldn't have gone amiss. It was also a little bit of a stretch for our eight-pin CPU power connector, but it was fairly short.

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