Shuttle SB81P XPC

Written by Fred Hunt

August 3, 2004 | 01:00

Tags: #lga775 #sff #small-form-factor #xpc

Companies: #intel #shuttle

Shuttle SB81P XPC Introduction

What is it: Shuttle SB81P XPC
Supplier: Shuttle
Cost: £310
Availability: Soon
Verdict: If you can afford it, there is little in the SFF Pentium market to even come near it

With the stunning Shuttle Zen review under my belt, I was pleased to get my hands on the new LGA775 socket based XPC from Shuttle; as part of the new P range, it\'s a bit larger than the other Shuttles, but supposedly offering more performance too.

Shuttle SB81P XPC Introduction

The market that this Shuttle is targeted at is the power user, by default also the most fickle and demanding. Rightly so, as the hardware that is likely to sit in the sheer black case of this thing is likely to cost several times more than the unit itself and have equally as good a pedigree. Fortunately for me I have pretty much the best of the best when it comes to kit to test it with, so move aside low frame rate; make way for the powerhouse that is the SB81P.

Hold on tight as I put some of the hottest (and not just in status) hardware to test...
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