Lian Li: Your questions answered

We fired off some questions from our community to Lian Li, which were duly answered, but then we decided to poke the product managers for a bit more detail when we visited! Here's the full low down:

bit-tech: The original PC-60 was a hugely popular case that set the Lian Li brand on the map for many, how did it shape the company?

Lian Li: Lian Li actually started out making PCI brackets for graphics cards and had the number one market share in the world (Lian Li's CEO used to have the tooling for every part, apparently). As such, Lian Li have always made computer accessories. Lian Li decided to produce high-end computer cases that required a delicate hand and high quality materials in the late 1990s that differentiated itself from the rest of the case market.

BT: Would Lian Li consider an online store for spare parts and case accessories?

LiLi: We do have an online store, however it is only for the Taiwanese market. We did consider a world-wide online store, however the cost of shipping individual parts would be too great and usually costs more than the part itself to ship it safely without damage.

Users can contact local Lian Li distributors in order to request Lian Li parts.

*Lian Li V1020, V2120 preview Lian Li: Your questions answered *Lian Li V1020, V2120 preview Lian Li: Your questions answered
The PC-777 Seashell is a gorgeous piece of engineering.

BT: How well did the Xbox 360 case (XB-01) sell? Are there still plans for other console cases?

LiLi: The market reaction for the XB-01 was good but the sales were average because of the high price [Ed: and the fact it voided the console warranty, we expect]. The production process for the Xbox 360 case was complicated and relatively high cost, so Lian Li has decided to continue its focus on computer chassis.

*Lian Li V1020, V2120 preview Lian Li: Your questions answered
The PC-777 inside

BT: Why did the company create the PC-777 (Seashell) and PC-888? What future special edition cases can we expect?

LiLi: The concept of the PC-777 and PC-888 are to demonstrate delicate artistic designs: something different. A PC case doesn't have to only be a traditional regular square design and it was not the intention to sell many (Ed: The PC-888 was limited to a 500-unit run). The special edition cases are created to show Lian Li's unique skill and precision technology and Lian Li will continue to create such cases for different occasions on a yearly basis. This year's was the PC-T1 'Spider' mini-ITX chassis.
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