In Win 805 Review

Written by Antony Leather

February 16, 2016 | 16:42

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Performance Analysis

There's a big cluster of cases around the 56°C mark in our delta T results, but it still represents a solid result and happily the In Win 805 landed here. It's not spectacular given the SilverStone Raven RVX01 knocked a further 6°C off the temperature, but considering the 805 only has one fan, it's not a bad result at all. This is likely due to the fact the case is surprisingly porous, with some gaps around the panels and the huge open vent in the floor.

In Win 805 Review In Win 805 Review - Performance Analysis and Conclusion
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The GPU delta T was of a slightly lesser result, with 53°C landing firmly in the middle of the table. Cooler Master's MasterCase Pro 5 managed a much better 47°C here, so it's clear there's room for improvment. That's fairly easy to organise though, as there are vacant base and front fan mounts just waiting to be filled, albeit at extra expense. Noise-wise the single 120mm rear exhaust fan was relatively quiet, with just a steady airflow noise and deep thrum when we tested it at 12V.

In Win 805 Review In Win 805 Review - Performance Analysis and Conclusion
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The cooling results are average, which is not ideal for a case that costs around £120 - you can buy alternatives that offer fan speed control as well as much better cooling results out of the box for the same price or less. However, the 805 has forgone a few fans and other features in favour of those gorgeous glass panels and lighting, while still keeping the price below £130.

Otherwise, the feature set is actually very good with some neat drive mounts, plenty of cable routing options including one of the best cable tidying sets we've seen, plus the case looks great too. It will definitely stand out from the crowd and sports a modicum of future-proofing too with its USB 3.1 Type-C port.

Unlike In Win's 900-series cases, the 805 is definitely more flexible and familiar. This might reduce its appeal to die-hard fans of the 900-series, but for the rest of us it means that great air cooling, modern features and excellent water-cooling support are definitely on the cards in what is otherwise a reasonably-priced case given the aesthetics and features the 805 offers. The chassis is sturdy and sports great build quality too, so apart from the fiddly 2.5in mounts and lack of steller (but still reasonable) out-of-the-box cooling, the 805 hits enough nails on the head to gain our prestigious Exceptional Award, but with a strong recommendation that you either add a couple more fans or install a water-cooling system.
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