HighSpeed PC Tech Station

Written by Geoff Richards

March 2, 2006 | 21:49

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How hardcore do you think you are? Most people upgrade their PC every now and then - that's just part & parcel of being a PC enthusiast. For some who change their internal components frequently, case screws are an optional extra - far easier to just slide the side panel into place. Key components like hard drives are often secured - if that is the right word for it - with just a single screw, again, to facilitate quick removal.

For some, even the very act of replacing the side panel is too much of an inconvenience. These guys think nothing of running their PC all day, every day with the insides exposed to the elements. Secondary hard drives might even just rest on the bottom of the case.

By the time you move up the Hardcore Scale to the rank of bit-tech reviewer, the motherboard is often just resting on the top side of the retail box it came in. With power supply cables spread across the bench, SATA leads are yanked out on an hourly basis as various hard disks and DVD drives are put under the microscope. We get through tubes of thermal grease like it was suncream at a nudist colony.

If you think you fall into the latter group (I hope you don't mean the nudist group - Ed.), wouldn't it be nice if there was a product that allowed you all the flexibility to run your hardware in the open air without having to resort to ghetto solutions like cardboard boxes?

Senfu Overclocking DIY House - frame Senfu Overclocking DIY House full built system
Senfu Overclocking DIY House - the original open-air testing frame
Once upon a time, there was but one product that filled this role: the Senfu Overclocking DIY House (pictured above). Made from plated steel tube, construction was relatively straight forward: eight corner joints, four uprights and eight horizontal bars formed the frame, into which dropped two plexi panel to act as 'shelves'

Senfu are well known for their watercooling products, but back in the day, the mere mention of the name 'senfu' and many people knew you meant the Meccano-esque frame. It is fair to say that the Senfu Overclocking DIY House failed to capture the imagination of the masses and in 2003, the product was dropped.

Stepping forward to fill the void is former Senfu reseller, HighSpeed PC of Canfield, Ohio. Following Senfu's withdrawal from the market, HighSpeed PC were left with customer demand and no product with which to satisfy that demand. Being an enterprising bunch, HighSpeed PC designed and manufactured their own version, with the aim to improve on the Senfu's functionality and performance.

The result is the HighSpeed PC Tech Station.

HighSpeed PC Tech Station
HighSpeed PC Tech Station

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