Fractal Design Meshify C Review

August 9, 2017 | 15:00

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Performance Analysis

The Meshify C achieves mid-table results for cooling in both the CPU and GPU measurements. The balanced airflow design afforded by the opposing pair of 120mm fans clearly works fairly well when combined with the porous front and roof, and the numerous fan mounts mean that you could easily improve temperatures if you wanted. It's a shame there's no fan control, but even at full speed the Dynamic X2 GP-12 fans are not loud, so all in all you needn't worry about cooling or noise too much – Fractal has developed a well balanced out-of-box solution that'll allow novices to set up and go without fuss while those who want to fiddle can easily do so as well.


The Meshify C is a solid entry into a fairly crowded market. An all-black design coupled with tempered glass certainly isn't enough on its own to make a case stand out these days, and Fractal has played it rather safe with the internal design as well. Still, it's an approach that works well, as we've been unable to find any major flaws. Hardware is easy to install, cables are easy to route, and there's ample scope for expanding the air-cooling or introducing liquid to the equation. Build quality is largely good, and it's a safe bet for cooling your hardware well out of the box too.

To nitpick for a moment, it lacks a single killer or standout feature that would propel it to the top of our recommended list, but if it fits within your budget it should absolutely be on your shortlist.

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