Cooler Master's Praetorian 731

Written by Rob Young

April 2, 2005 | 01:00

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Tweaks to the formula

Cooler Master's traditional aluminium chassis had an 80mm fan mounted in its top plate.

Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Outside
This isn't the first time Cooler Master have replaced this with a selection of ports for convenient access, but it's a welcome sight.

Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Outside Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Outside

The top panel opens elegantly with one push of the aluminium hatch, and closes in a similar fashion. It houses; a microphone, a headphone, a firewire (400) and two USB ports. Very handily the cables used to connect these to the various headers on your motherboard can be completely removed from the case - for example if you don't use firewire and never intend to you don't need to worry about tidying away the unused cable.</p>

Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Outside

Don't need the ports? Want a little more cooling? The port replicator is completely removable from the case, Cooler Master supply an 80mm fan and grill to replace it.

Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Outside Coolermaster's Praetorian 731 Outside[/center]

The 'splodge' I introduced you to earlier. At first sight I thought it was another case fan, actually it's a short section of plastic duct. The idea being that this sits directly above the heatsink atop your CPU, it delivers room temperature air directly to the heatsink. It's a nice idea, sadly the position of the CPU socket on motherboards is variable and this didn't sit above the CPU in the MSI motherboard we installed in this case. It's also possible that some of the larger modern heatsinks won't fit under it, thankfully it's easy to remove.
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