Cooler Master HAF 932

Written by Harry Butler

October 16, 2008 | 11:23

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While the HAF 932 isn’t exactly a supermodel on the outside, all those meshed sections house some awesome cooling potential, which is what we feel Cooler Master was looking for rather than a sleek and stylish design.

Popping off the side panels, accomplished by unfastening just a pair of thumbscrews, reveals a the gun metal grey steel interior, which although sadly not finished in black like the exterior, is still well machined and finished, with no sharp or rough edges to be found anywhere.

However, the real eye catching feature here is the very impressive cooling system, consisting of no less than three 230mm cooling fans fitted into the roof, side panel and front, and then a 140mm fan fitted at the rear.

All bar the front fan, which is red LED lit and made of clear plastic to create a cool backlit effect for the front fascia, are exhaust fans, resulting in a significant degree of negative pressure inside the case, encouraging air to passively flow through the meshed drive bays and ventilation slits in the side panels, whilst exhausting the maximum of heat from the case.

And if the standard cooling configuration isn’t to your liking it’s possible to completely redesign the cooling set up thanks to the frankly ridiculous number of fan mounts on offer. The top mesh section has mounts for either the 230mm stock fan, or two 120mm fans, or a single 2x120mm watercooling radiator and the mesh door has mounts for the stock 230mm, four individual 120mm fans or two 2x120mm watercooling radiators!

Cooler Master HAF 932 Interior Cooler Master HAF 932 Interior
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But in true shopping channel style – But wait, that’s not all! There are also two 120mm fan mounts in the base of the case as well (which can obviously double up as a 2x120mm watercooling radiator mount), and even the PSU can be mounted into either the base of the case (obscuring one of the 120mm mounts) or the roof (at the cost of the roof 240mm fan).

All this means that the HAF 932 has the most customisable cooling system that we’ve ever seen – the only thing that won’t fit is a 3x120mm radiator, which need something like the Cooler Master Cosmos S to accommodate out of the box.

With all those fans, you’d expect the HAF 932 to be headed for wind tunnel territory, but we’re not too sure of that, thanks to Cooler Master choosing to set all the fans to very low RPMs. The 230mm spin at just 700RPM, and the rear exhaust 140mm at just 1,000RPM. With such large fans spinning at such reasonable speeds, there’s certainly a lot to indicate that the HAF 932 might be fairly easy on the ears.

Sadly all these fan mounts are inherently flawed in their lack of any kind of dust filtering system. For a case with so much ventilation and openings, this is a pretty big design oversight, and if you’ll soon find your precious hardware caked in a fine layer of dust without them. The lack of a dust filter in the base of the case is perhaps the biggest concern, as even though Cooler Master has included a set of castor wheels to give the case some ground clearance, a PSU or intake fan mounted in the base will act as a vacuum cleaner, merrily hovering up all the dust, crumbs and hair that inevitably makes it beneath your PC.
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