Apevia X-QPack 2

Written by Joe Martin

December 5, 2007 | 03:58

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Autopsy Time!

Nurse, hand me a scalpel – I’m going in.” Those were the words I would have been using at work if I had followed my family's wishes and studied medicine instead of throwing away my life playing “all those violent video games”.

As it was, my actual words before I got started looking at the inside of the QPack 2 were more along the lines of “Rich, can you pass me that screwdriver?” This was shortly followed by a lot of grumbling because Richard was wearing headphones and couldn’t hear a word I was saying. Honestly, kids these days and their rap music, but I digress.

The shell of the QPack 2 all comes off in one piece and is held on at the back of the case by three big thumbscrews. The outer shell of the case didn’t seem to perfectly fit the actual structure itself though and pinged noisily outwards with each screw that we took off.

Once I was inside the case I got a chance to look at the actual internal structure itself and was able to see what extras had been stowed away inside the case.

The QPack 2 held, in this instance, an Apevia branded power supply (500W, non-modular), one small plastic bag which held all the screws together and unsorted, a power cable and an instruction leaflet. That may sound like a bad thing (I especially hate it when cases come with unsorted screws), but in reality it isn’t all that awful and the leaflet makes up for a lot of it.

Apevia X-QPack 2 Autopsy Apevia X-QPack 2 Autopsy
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A lot of cases nowadays tend to come without any instructions at all, or limited ones at best, yet the instructions offered by Apevia were more than up to the task and had full colour pictures and step-by-step guides. Not massively useful to the standard bit-tech techhead, but no doubt a positive boon to everyone else.

The inside of the case is unfortunately filled with sharp edges too. Careful hands will be able to avoid any little cuts and scrapes, but if you’re desperately trying to get wedged thumbscrews out then you may want to bear in mind that your hand is essentially surrounded by razor blades.

Apevia X-QPack 2 Autopsy
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The QPack 2 also mercifully comes with a removable motherboard tray which should help the matter of system installation – something I’ve had trouble with on past Micro ATX cases.

In terms of cooling the QPack 2 comes with two light blue fans – a 120mm in the back and a 80mm in the front. There are also two grilles on each side of the case and on the front of the case, which should allow a fair bit of through-draft. Whether or not that’ll prove to be the case or not remains to be seen, so let’s move straight on and have a look at the system installation and heat testing…
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