BrightSide DR37-P HDR display

Written by Geoff Richards

October 4, 2005 | 09:23

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How does it work? (cont)

We left off scratching our head has to how a 45x31 array of LEDs could possibly modulate the luminance of over 2 million pixels on our 1920x1080 high definition LCD TV.

The LEDs are arranged in an array where the luminance of each LED can be individually controlled faster than video refresh rates. This LED back light array effectively constitutes a low-resolution, but very high brightness display. This low-resolution white-light LED image is then projected through a standard colour LCD panel, which displays a similar, but high resolution, version of the image.

BrightSide DR37-P HDR display How does it work? (cont)
Each individually controlled LED back lights a small region of the LCD panel. This has the effect of multiplying the modulation of the two displays which provides the substantial gain in dynamic range. The patented BrightSide 'special sauce' is a set of software image algorithms that take into account the natural effects of scattered light in the human eye. This natural effect, called veiling luminance, is the effect you get when looking at a bright light on a dark background and get a blur or bloom caused by the scattering of light.

Game developers try to simulate this HDR effect by simulating bloom and effect in the images. In the BrightSide HDR display, the LCD pixels are recalculated to compensate for this and the result is a high resolution, high dynamic range final image.

BrightSide DR37-P HDR display How does it work? (cont)
BrightSide DR37-P HDR display How does it work? (cont)
BrightSide have this technology patented, and are actively pursuing all the major display manufacturers to secure licensing deals. They firmly believe this is the future, and want this technology to be incorporated into as many displays as possible.
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