BitFenix Prodigy review

Written by Antony Leather

September 6, 2012 | 10:55

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Performance Analysis

The Prodigy's balanced layout and large internal space allowed it to obtain some sizeable leads over the two other mini-ITX cases we tested. It's CPU delta T was at least 5°C cooler than the nearest competition and 6°C cooler than the Lian Li PC-TU200. The GPU delta T results were the most eye-opening though.

Its result of 48°C was 10°C cooler than the nearest competitor - the Silverstone FT03-Mini, and a massive 15°C lower than the Lian Li PC-TU200. Noise-wise the Prodigy was unobtrusive, with its fans making a gentle air noise, so it's clear that even before you reach for your pump and radiator, the Prodigy already makes for great case for an air cooled system.

BitFenix Prodigy review BitFenix Prodigy - Performance Analysis and ConclusionBitFenix Prodigy review BitFenix Prodigy - Performance Analysis and Conclusion
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With performance and flexibility like this, it's difficult not to recommend the Prodigy unequivocally. It has more water-cooling support than many cases twice its size, great air cooling too in its category, and its price tag is extremely reasonable indeed. BitFenix has also done a great job with the styling - it looks unique, without adding a load of unnecessary features or details. The fact that many of the internal fixtures and fittings are removable using nothing more than a screwdriver is the icing on the cake.

BitFenix Prodigy review BitFenix Prodigy - Performance Analysis and Conclusion
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However, as previously mentioned, the case isn't without flaws. It's large for a mini-ITX case - so much so that some have dismissed it as a micro-ATX case masquerading as a home for mini-ITX motherboards. The FyberFlex handles and feet have their uses and add to the Prodigy's unique-looking design, but the extent to which it wobbles as a result is quite damning - you'd certainly be a bit hacked-off if you received such a case from a system builder. There's also the issue of the side panel, which is in desperate need of some padding to stop it rattling.

However, these issues are easily fixed, either by removing the bottom FyberFlex feet (or making an elaborate support) and fitting case feet, and by using thin, adhesive neoprene foam or the like to pad the side panel. Given the fact we're a PC modding site, this is something we're keen and unafraid to stress, rather than dismiss the case because of these reasons. They're also the reason the case doesn't get our most prestigious award, but it's otherwise the best case we've seen for a high-end mini-ITX system, that has fantastic cooling and modding potential .
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