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Written by Ryan Garside

December 22, 2006 | 08:05

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Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard

Saitek is one of the largest contributors in the world of the gaming peripheral. Unsurprisingly, this is the first of four products they have in today's line up - the Saitek Eclipse II, the newest iteration of its gaming keyboard following on from the original Eclipse Backlit keyboard.

The Saitek Eclipse II looks very traditional in its layout. Key size and layout is about as close to average as a keyboard can get. On the corners of the keyboard are four black feet, which play host to a sticky sort of rubber. This can keep keep the keyboard firmly in place if you lie it flat down, alternatively you can flick up it's 'heels' at the back and adjust it to a point that's comfortable.

The comfortable factor is also present in the detractable front panel, which you can extend up to a certain point. The way I type I preferred it without but it is still useful to have the option.

The keyboard doesn't have anywhere near the amount of features as the Logitech G15. It does, however, come with something more than the average keyboard. First off the keyboard has three changeable back light colours, red, pink and blue (pink is the coolest as it gives off the most radiant light). This lighting is quite cool, if a little gimmicky, and is certainly suitable for the vibe of a LAN party.

Gaming Peripherals Round Up Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard Gaming Peripherals Round Up Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard
Gaming Peripherals Round Up Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard Gaming Peripherals Round Up Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard

The keyboard also comes with a little control panel, which is found in the right hand corner. The dial allows you to increase the brightness of the colour. It also offers the option to turn off the colours entirely, as well as controls for sound and controlling MP3 files. Useful features that are becoming standard for gaming keyboards.

All in all the Eclipse II is a solid keyboard with a fancy-ass backlight that is made all the more attractive by its relatively low price. At under £30 you will get a typing device that combines looks, comfort and useful features. It won't blow your socks off but then again, if a keyboard did rock your world, then you'd have to have a particularly sad life.
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