Etasis 750W


Despite the temperature issues of the Etasis, it really works very well with a consistently solid performance from its rails and only once dipping into the 1% above failure rating. With four 12V rails this PSU is very capable of supplying SLI or CrossFire graphics cards as well as the most power-hungry CPUs without interfering with each other.

It has a solid 3.3V but the 5V ended up a touch low, although still within the ATX spec. Only at the end with the heat build up, did we see a drop to the one percent within range limit of 5V.

The only real problem arises during load, where efficiency starts to drop with the excessive heat build-up. At 50-to-75 percent load we see consistently around 80 percent efficiency and high 90s percent PFC which falls down to 75 percent efficiency and low 90s percent PFC at full load.


Etasis offers a three year warranty, of which the first year is return to point of sale and in subsequent years the product is returned to Nanopoint in the UK.

700W to 850W PSU Group Test Etasis 750W Results


£111 can appear quite expensive for 750W if you compare to other 750W PSUs like the Thermaltake ToughPower, which retails for just £76. However, a Silverstone Strider or Olympia 750W are only a fraction cheaper and the Zeus is slightly more expensive, meaning the Etasis 750W is arguably well placed.

Value has to be attributed to the quality of the power delivered and in this respect the Etasis 750W is a good performer. However, there's no way we'd trust this PSU in a case. It simply has far too many hot spots which, at best, makes the efficiency drop under high load and at worst is potentially dangerous, making it not something we'd recommend. A simple addition of an extra fan to drop the temperature would have made this a much stronger recommendation.

Performance: 7
Features: 7
Value: 7

Overall: 7
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