WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show

Written by Gert Swolfs

May 4, 2005 | 13:32

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Name: Roland Gschwender
Nickname: [ChImErA]
Country: Germany
Age: 25
Occupation: Student, Photonics

WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show Chimera by [ChImErA]

Project Name: Chimera
Build time: since 2000, but not fulltime, a longtime project
Materials used: Metal plates, standard 2mm
Website: www.chimerazone.de

bit-tech: How long have you been involved in Modding? Have you made any cases before this one?
[ChImErA]: This is my first and only casemod

bit-tech: What inspired you to make this particular case?
[ChImErA]: The stickers of Biohazard and Counterstrike

bit-tech: Tell us more about this case: what makes it special? What are its unique features?
[ChImErA]: I fetched some biohazard stickers during my civil service and that’s how it started. It was a kind of process of looking over the internet. The specification is: AMD Athlon 2400+ running at 3000, Radeon 9700Pro, Corsair XMS 1GB RAM, 200Gb Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm. Watercooling: Eheim ceramic-bearing pump (600L p/h), Radiator 15 m copper pipe. Servo operated side door with remote control, Wireless LAN. Special feature: a hard drive activity meter in steps of 5 percent

WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show Chimera by [ChImErA] WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show Chimera by [ChImErA]

bit-tech: How did you get to Cebit 2005? How were you selected for this competition?
[ChImErA]: I was in some casemodding competitions, and I’ve been around game conventions and I was invited by www.casemodder.de

bit-tech: What is your prediction for this competition? Name your Top 3
bit-tech: What plans do you have for the future?
[ChImErA]: Maybe I will mod my new barebone with some water cooling, I want something portable because Chimera is way too heavy.

bit-tech: And finally, what is your favourite Case Mod / Modder of all time?
[ChImErA]: My favorite modder is Marc Voser and his Coldfusion.

WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show Chimera by [ChImErA] WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show Chimera by [ChImErA]
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