WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show

Written by Gert Swolfs

May 4, 2005 | 13:32

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Name: Benjamin Franz
Nickname: Benny
Country: Germany
Age: 23
Occupation: Student, Industrial Design

Project Name: BS-601
Build time: 4 months
Materials used: Aluminium, MDF, plexi
Website: www.plexmod.de

bit-tech: How long have you been involved in Modding? Have you made any cases before this one?
Benny: Since 2001. I have made four previous cases, such as Sunray and Digistation.

bit-tech: What inspired you to make this particular case?
Benny: A chieftec 601 is not very special to mod these days, everything is done already. And I wanted to show you can do something special and new with this case

bit-tech: Tell us more about this case: what makes it special? What are its unique features?:
Benny: A new front in MDF (painted and varnished) and a self-made logo "BENNY". Flashing LEDs in the front made from a guide from a modding site. It’s a very clean case, with a double ground to place the cables underneath, silver cables for power, a window from left to right over the top of the case and a polished PSU, with a glowing B logo.

WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show BS-601 by Benny

bit-tech: How did you get to Cebit 2005? How were you selected for this competition?
Benny: They just called me, because I won the last German CaseModMasters in 2004

bit-tech: What is your prediction for this competition? Name your Top 3
<ol><li>Hypercube</li><li>Alien</li><li>All the others</li></ol>bit-tech: What plans do you have for the future?
Benny: I am planning a new custom case made out of aluminum and plexi, but its still top secret.

bit-tech: And finally, what is your favourite Case Mod / Modder of all time?
Benny: Mashie and Crimson Sky are my favourites

WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show BS-601 by Benny
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