Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod

Written by Ton Khowdee

July 7, 2008 | 00:06

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The Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod


Mod and pictures by TiTON

Foreword by Joe Martin
I have a lot of people, my mother for instance, who are close to me but who don't really understand me. They just can't quite get their head around my geekery and I know that no matter how many times I try to explain to them that gaming is a passion for me - something I live, breathe, eat and regularly overdose on (we invested in a mop and bucket only after Joe started working here - Ed) - they still just won't understand how massive gaming is in my life.

And now, after looking over Ton Khodee's, aka TiTON's, latest case mod, I know how they feel. I'm a big gamer, but I just can't even begin to conceive the amount of effort and passion that must have gone into building a mod like this - the Team Fortress 2 Sentry and Dispenser Case Mod. Words can't even describe how awesome it is.

While just making one of these would be enough to drain the life of most modders, TiTON isn't even stopping at two - he intends to make the Sapper with a touchscreen LCD and the Teleporter too! The real life incarnation of Team Fortress 2's Engineer? We can only assume so. Just don't wear red around him.

TiTON has gone to extraordinary lengths to create this set of scratch-built Team Fortress 2 themed case mods and we love them to bits.

Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod The Team Fortress 2 Sentry and Dispenser Mod Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod The Team Fortress 2 Sentry and Dispenser Mod Team Fortress 2 Dispenser Mod The Team Fortress 2 Sentry and Dispenser Mod
The Blackmesa Mod (left), Team Fortress 2 Dispenser PC (center) and Weighted Companion Cube case (right)

In fact, we're especially proud to be able to host this mod as it fits nicely with some of our other super-impressive Valve-themed mods. If you haven't checked them out before then we strongly advise you to have a look at the Black Mesa Half-Life Mod (not forgetting it's Valve-commissioned sister, Blackmesa II which now resides in Valve HQ) and the more recent Companion Cube Mod.

Which is the most impressive of our Valve mods? It's impossible to say - despite the advances of the past four years Piloux's original work is still amongst the best there is. Yet familiarity breeds contempt and there are those who can't get past the insane cuteness of Wolverine's diminuitive Companion Cube.

All we do know is that this Team Fortress 2 mod doesn't just blow our socks off - it resupplies afterwards at the nearest dispenser.

Over the next few pages TiTON will be guiding us through the stages he went to build this mod, precisely detailing all the steps he had to take, where he salvaged materials from and what problems he ran up against (problems with Spies and Demo Men most likely - Ed).

This first article only covers the Dispenser, and because this mod is so complex and impressive we've been forced to break it down between this and the Sentry. At the time of writing the Sapper is currently in progress and the Teleporter is a mere glint in TiTON's eye so they will be featured in good time, don't worry! We'll have the second part of it, the Sentry, available later in the week. For now though, put your hands in your lap to catch your jaw when it drops, then flip the page...
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