PolyGFX Ratpad Skin

Written by Wil Harris

November 28, 2003 | 00:00

Tags: #mouse #mousepad #polygfx #ratpad

PolyGFX Ratpad Skin Applying

However, if you\'re doing this yourself, don\'t even think about starting to apply the surface without giving your RatPad a damn good washing down. I used some soapy water to clean out the accumulated gunk (coffee stains and the like) off my pad. This helps ensure a smooth fit and good adhesion. Give it a thorough drying down afterwards.

PolyGFX Ratpad Skin Applying

Now comes the tricky bit. I applied the skin a little at a time, making sure constantly that the lines were straight and parallel.

PolyGFX Ratpad Skin Applying

Included in your order is a little blue credit-card-doobrie, which I used to smooth out air bubbles as I laid the surface down.

PolyGFX Ratpad Skin Applying

A last good smooth out to make sure the surface is stuck properly.
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