PolyGFX CaseSkin

Written by Wil Harris

February 6, 2004 | 06:00

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PolyGFX CaseSkin The Kit
What is it: Case decal kit
Who makes it: PolyGFX
How much: $49.99
Availability: Now

It's been a little over a month since we took a look at the first nifty item from the guys at PolyGFX, their RatPad Skinz. We really liked the skins, and thought we would take a look at their big boys product - the CaseSkin.

The CaseSkin is designed to be exactly what the name might suggest - a new skin for your case. Only, instead of boring black plastic or silver aluminium, you can have a funky design in an airbrushed-esque style. Interested? We were, so read on and see if the skins are all they're cracked up to be.

PolyGFX CaseSkin The Kit
The skins arrived well packaged up.

PolyGFX CaseSkin The Kit
All rolled up.

PolyGFX CaseSkin The Kit
PolyGFX pack in a very, very good instruction sheet which has detailed instructions on the best way to install the skin and how to prep your case. I followed it mostly - but deviated a little bit. I assembled my tools - a sharp craft knife and a ruler. You may also need a hairdryer to shape the plastic, depending on the rivets, mods or case handles that may adorn your case!!

PolyGFX CaseSkin The Kit
The victim - my trusty Coolermaster ATC500. This houses my main rig, which currently consists of a 3.06GHz Pentium4, 512MB RDRAM and a GeForceFX5950. Mmmmm :)
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