Mod of the Month - May 2009

Written by Antony Leather

June 16, 2009 | 09:53

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Neptune's Trident

by Boddaker
Worklog: Here

We saw forum user Boddaker's Neptune's Trident get off to a flying start at the tail end of 2008. Since then it's progressed slowly but surely and things have really started to come along in recent weeks in particular what appears to be a monumental triple loop water-cooling system. There's so much going on in fact we had trouble choosing just eight photos for this section!

There's plenty of innovative stuff going on here as well as some eye-popping aesthetics which are just two of many reasons we felt it truly deserved a place in this month's line up of mods. Make sure to check out Boddaker's project log for plenty more images and if you haven't seen his Battlestar Galactica mod which was featured in August 2007's MOTM then do yourself an enormous favour by checking it out here.

Mod of the Month - May 2009 Neptune's Trident Mod of the Month - May 2009 Neptune's Trident

As always we're impressed with the time you guys spend on the planning stage of your mods and Neptune's Trident is no exception. These Sketchup renders give a tantalising preview of what the mod will look like when it's done - impressive stuff and the cooling looks very potent indeed!

The internals of Boddaker's Lian Li V2000 look like there in for a hard time with the hard drive cages removed to make way for radiators in the base - a popular mod for the larger Lian Li cases. To make up for the lack of 3.5in bays, Boddaker designed a simple hard disk rack which can we see in some sort of fashion here. Be sure to check out his project log for more info on this.

Mod of the Month - May 2009 Neptune's Trident Mod of the Month - May 2009 Neptune's Trident

Earlier in the year, the guts of the V2000 were completely stripped out for the modding to begin. Boddaker also set about cutting a trident design in the side panel which we can see above along with what appear to be vents for the three radiators which will be located in the base of the case.

Something we were particularly impressed with is how Boddaker altered the PSU mount to make more room in the base. The Lian Li V2000 normally has the PSU mounted horizontally but here we can see it's been mounted vertically, drawing air in from the rear panel and adding a few inches to the available room in the base. Simple but very effective.

Mod of the Month - May 2009 Neptune's Trident Mod of the Month - May 2009 Neptune's Trident

The trident design started to feature in quite a few more places as the mod progresses and above we can see it appearing on the front panel - true to the Sketchup design. We can also see the beginnings of a crazy water-coolong system with three Laing D5 variant pumps stacked one on top of the other, each with it's own bay mounted reservoir. Despite the masses of tubes protruding from the reservoirs, the setup looks fairly neat. The cooling system should be epic, and rightly so given that Neptune was the Roman god of the sea.

Mod of the Month - May 2009 Neptune's Trident Mod of the Month - May 2009 Neptune's Trident

Things are really starting to take shape now and Neptune's Trident has received coat of gorgeous nason blue metallic paint. What a lovely finish! Should go very well that PC Ice coolant too. Something else we're sure will add to Neptune's Trident's stunning looks will be these backlit covers for the hard disks. The attention to detail is amazing. We think this one could be very popular indeed.

If you'd like to vote for Boddaker's Neptune's Trident please head over to our forums to vote for it.
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