Mod of the Month March 2013

It looks like winter has finally lost its eternal grip for those of us in the UK so we're looking forward to getting our Dremels out once again. However, it seems plenty of other people from all over the world have done exactly that over recent weeks as we've had a hefty influx of new projects in our modding forum.

We've picked six of these to compete in our monthly modding competition, and as usual we've got an awesome mix of projects to cast your multiple votes on. Whether you're into sexy water-cooled rigs, cutting-edge wooden works of art, the latest desk PCs or ultra small cases, we've got something for you this month.

In the mean time make sure you head over to our Modding forum - it's the place for tips, tricks, guides and planning, while the Project Logs forum is where everyone shows what they can do, with one of the biggest forums of case mods on the planet. Don't forget our main Modding section either, where you'll find guides and articles written by us and also many renowned modders.

We have something you won't find anywhere else either - two very special databases of modding projects. bit-tech's Case Mod Index and Scratch Build Index are databases of hundreds of projects which allow you to see what has been done with particular case makes and models, or with specific materials or motherboard sizes. They're fantastic tools that can be helpful if you need some inspiration or want to see what other people have done.

We're proud to have the legendary Mnpctech sponsoring Mod of the Month. The Mnpctech guys are regulars on our forums and, in addition to being avid modders themselves with some awesome projects to their names, the Mnpctech online store is also well worth a visit from every modder.

Mod of the Month March 2013

Mod of the Month March 2013

Prize 1 - Smith & Wesson 'Elite' Safety Glasses

Safety first whenever modding your PC! Black frame with Clear anti-fog lens. Lightweight "retro style" design. Dual lenses with an 8-base curve that provides wrap-around protection.

Includes micro-fiber carry puch thats doubles as a cleaning cloth. Meets the High Impact" level of the ANSI Z87.1+ safety standards.

Mod of the Month March 2013

Prize 2 - 'BILLET' Case Handles

CNC milled from blocks of 3/4" thick solid aluminum. Sold in pairs. Includes 4 fasteners and nuts. 1/4" mounting hole, 3/4" width x 6-1/4' lenght x 1-11/16" tall. Black Handles match Lian Li and Silverstone cases.

Mod of the Month March 2013

Prize 3 - Set of Diamond Knurl Aluminum Case Feet

Set of Mnpctech Billet Machined Diamond Knurl Case Feet. Base Diameter = 1- 3/4", Height = 1". Thick hard rubber insert protects your desktop and helps prevent vibration.

Last month's winner 'The Shrine' by quizz_kid

Last month's winner 'The Shrine' by quizz_kid

The winner of Mod of the Month will get one of these awesome prizes from the Mnpctech store itself. There will be some new and exciting products from Mnpctech on the horizon too, but for now feast your eyes on these pieces of true PC bling.

Thanks to Mnpctech for stumping up such fantastic prizes again this month. Last month's winner was renowned Steampunk modder quizz-kid with his project The Shrine, which has just been completed. You can check out his project log here.

We've got six very promising projects for you again, so it's time to vote for your favourites. Don't forget that you can vote for more than one project if you're finding it tough to choose one over the others.

MOTM is a competition for in-progress projects. You should consider potential, originality, execution and show of skill when voting.

This Month's Contenders

Mod of the Month March 2013 Mod of the Month March 2013
Mod of the Month March 2013 Mod of the Month March 2013 Mod of the Month March 2013 Mod of the Month March 2013

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