Mod of the Month - July 2010

Written by Antony Leather

August 6, 2010 | 10:37

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Mod of the Month - July 2010

It's summer and amazingly, it's been fairly dry here in the UK. We're not the only people to have had some modding-friendly weather though from the looks of things as the number of new projects in our forum has increased massively.

There has also been plenty of work going on in previous projects we've featured too so make sure you check out both our modding and project log forums to catch up on all the action both in the planning stage and full-on worklog stage. There's something for everyone but it's not the only place to find modding related stuff here though. We feature at least one amazing completed project on bit-tech every month along with guides, and logs on how to build things such as touchscreen all-in-one PC's, how to make your own watercooling reservoir and even nerf gun modding - see all the articles in our modding section. If you've missed Mod of the Month in the past, you can catch up on all the previous action here.

Mnpctech joined the team last month as official sponsor and if there's ever a great reason to get the Dremel out and compete in Mod of the Month - this is it. Mnpctech is giving away some awesome prizes straight from it's fantastic modding store.

Mod of the Month - July 2010

Up for grabs for the winner of Mod of the Month is one of these awesome prizes from the Mnpctech store itself. There'll be some new and exciting products from Mnpctech on the horizon too but for now, feast your eyes on these pieces of true PC bling.

Mod of the Month - July 2010

Prize 1

120mm Mnpctech Billet Fan grill.

CNC machined from 3/16" thick aluminium. Removable powder coated Honeycomb hole grill. Grill has 1/4" size hexagon holes that provide 79% airflow.

Mod of the Month - July 2010

Prize 2

Set of Mnpctech Billet "Diamond Knurl" case feet

3/4" diameter 6061 aluminium. Thick hard rubber inserts help prevent vibration.

Mod of the Month - July 2010

Prize 3
Pair of Mnpctech Billet Case Handles

CNC machined from 3/4" thick aluminium. Includes 4 fasteners and nuts. 1/4" mounting hole, 3/4" width x 6-1/4' length x 1-11/16" tall

A huge thanks to Bill Owen at Mnpctech for stumping up such fantastic prizes and, well done to all the nominees last month. Loads of you voted for your favourite out of six gorgeous projects but there can be only one winner.

This month it was forum user Sonnenschein with his totally unique project made out of concrete - Concretronic. In second place and no surprise to him in the top three, it was oliverw92 with his very promising TJ07 mod, POLARity. Finally in third place came Reflexion by Xion X2, a stunning scratchbuild which is turning into an awesome project.

Back to this month though and we had to pick six projects out of the dozens of new ones to grace our forums and here they are. Take a look at each of them and make sure you vote for your favourite.

This Month's Contenders

Mod of the Month - July 2010 Mod of the Month - July 2010 Mod of the Month - July 2010Mod of the Month - July 2010Mod of the Month - July 2010Mod of the Month - July 2010

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