Mod of the Month - April 2009

Written by Antony Leather

April 30, 2009 | 11:33

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Mod of the Month - April 2009

The forums have seen even more amazingly impressive skill on show this month with some truly unique designs. We've even had some videos from some of our six nominees too - you guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty! So be sure to check out their project logs for loads more pictures and up to date info before you vote and also over the next few weeks to see how they are progressing.

In contrast to last month, a majority of the mods featured this time round are based around existing cases. Despite this though, the modding is nothing short of spectacular with some awesome sights to behold. We're certainly going to be keeping tabs on this lot to see how they look in months to come and we'd imagine it's going to be a close call this month too - we certainly wouldn't want to take bets!

As usual we've teamed up with long term sponsor AC Ryan again, who provides some great prizes for the winner this month.

Mod of the Month - April 2009

Also congratulations to riekmaharg2 whose Project - Silent fibreglass PC proved to be very popular indeed and nabbed the Mod of the Month March 2009 prize. A well deserved result and we're sure plenty of people will be watching this and all the other mods featured last month. If you missed last month's Mod of the Month check out the nominees here.

Enough of the past though as it's time to wish our nominees the best of luck and to tell the rest of you to get voting! Here are April's nominees for what promises to be a very closely fought battle!


Mod of the Month - April 2009 Mod of the Month - April 2009
Mod of the Month - April 2009 Mod of the Month - April 2009
Mod of the Month - April 2009 Mod of the Month - April 2009

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