Macro Case by macroman

Written by Dave Williams

December 30, 2007 | 09:47

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Foreword by Tim Smalley

Dave Williams, a man that I've often referred to as the Grandfather of modding, was one of the very first modders to successfully pull off the now classic Stealth Mod. After numerous requests from readers, we have dug up this blast from the past to show those that are new to bit-tech where this modding thing started to hit the mainstream.

It also serves as a reminder to those that have been bit-tech readers for a long time, just how far the bit-tech community has pushed modding standards forward over the past seven years.

With the Internet being a more advanced beast (we're on version 2.0 now, apparently) than it was when Dave first published his Macro Case project in September 2001, the images are much smaller than you're used to seeing in articles we publish on bit-tech now and as a result there are unfortunately no clickable images.

Anyway, that's enough from me, so I'll leave you to read one of the gems that made modding what it is today.

Macro Case

When the e-mail informing me that I had won the bit-tech case competition arrived, I could hardly believe it. In fact, compared to many of the cases I had seen entered, I considered mine to be pretty mundane in comparison, but the judges’ decision is final and who am I to argue when a nice shiny Crystalfontz display is the prize!

So when Koolvin (The Mod Father, founder of bit-tech - Ed.) asked me to write an article about my case mods, I jumped at the chance. (Boy, I wanted that display!).

For me, case modding is not just about adding features and improving looks, but also about making your computer unique to you. I bought the Lian-Li mainly because of its looks, so when it came to modding it, I wanted to retain as much of its original style as possible whilst improving on its feature set.

Many of my Lian-Li mods are pretty standard stuff, but I have added details to try and take them that “next step”. This article is not meant to be a step-by-step “how to” but rather a “This is what I’ve done to my case” sort of article. Hopefully you might find some of it interesting. Please bear in mind many of the mods were completed before I bought my digital camera, so some useful pictures will be absent from this article.

Here it is:

Macro Case by macroman Case of the Gods

Now on to the interesting stuff, (sort of). First off, the most useful mod on the case...
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