June 2012 Project Log and Case Mod Index Update

It's time for another look at bit-tech's Case Mod Index - our very own database of PC mods and a look at some of the latest up and coming talent from our PC project log forum. If you haven't heard of our Case Mod Index, it's a list of case mods, sorted by case model and manufacturer, making it easy to see what other modders have done with a particular case, or simply as an easy way of viewing a whole load of completed projects.

This might be useful if you're not sure how to add water-cooling hardware to your case, or lacking inspiration for your next modding project. There are now over 70 projects in the index since it went live, spanning 16 different case manufacturers and nearly 50 different case models.

June 2012 Project Log and Case Mod Index UpdateThe Case Mod Index now has an awesome sponsor in the form of UK modding and watercooling etailer Specialtech. Submit your case mod and you could be in with a chance of winning an awesome Xigmatek Aeigir CPU cooler. One will be up for grabs every month and we'll be shipping the prize world-wide so everyone can enter.

We've added more projects to Fractal Design mods page and we've got our first Apple and Aerocool case mods too thanks to submissions by thegyufi and aio. Cooler Master maintains it's lead as the most popular case manufacturer, with 11 cases and 18 projects in total. Lian Li isn't far behind with 12 projects, while SilverStone's TJ07 remains the single most popular modded case.

We need you're help to grow the index, so if you've finished modding your PC, then we'd love to add yours to the Case Mod Index - you can do this by emailing modding@bit-tech.net with 'Submit My Mod' in the subject line. You're mod must be complete with noticeable modifications (these can include spray paint/powder-coat or installed water-cooling hardware. You'll also need to include the following information:
  • Forum name
  • Case (make and model)
  • URL to your project log (which must be in bit-tech's project log forum)
  • Project name
  • Whether or not your PC is water-cooled
This is not for scratch-built cases and make sure your project log's photos are visible - ie you're photobucket account hasn't expired!

We'll be adding more projects to the database regularly so be sure to check back often to see all the new projects!

Project Log update

Apple Cube by thegyufi
Project Log: Here

The first project we'll be looking at this month is another rare Apple case mod, this time using the company's A4 Powermac Cube. Forum user thegyufi has stripped out the old hardware included with the attractive Apple cube and replaced it with standard PC gear including a Gigabyte H55 mini-ITX motherboard.

June 2012 Project Log and Case Mod Index Update June 2012 Project Log and Case Mod Index Update
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June 2012 Project Log and Case Mod Index Update June 2012 Project Log and Case Mod Index Update
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June 2012 Project Log and Case Mod Index Update
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We can honestly say that the case looks far better than Apple's original effort and we dare say a few of you will hit certain auction sites having seen this to try and find one of your own to mod. Make sure you check out thegyufi's log for the full breakdown on how he made it.

Head over the page to see more great stuff from our forums.
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