Corsair Mod Winner: Puzzlebox

Written by Wil Harris

January 26, 2005 | 00:00

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Corsair Mod Winner: Puzzlebox The concept

bit-tech's Introduction

Continuing our work with Corsair to bring you the coolest mods each month, we have picked the PuzzleBox Hellraiser mod by Magnus Persson aka Wolverine. This is an awesome piece of artwork with some incredible etching. Congratulations on winning a gig of Corsair RAM! Take it away Magnus...

The Concept

When I decided that it was time for a new case mod, I knew that I wanted a Hellraiser theme for my case, having been a big fan of the films. I wanted the case to house my server, a Pentium 4 1.7GHz machine.

My plans were to make a replica of the Puzzle Box from the films. To do this, I planned to make an engraved plexicube. Whilst I originally planned to make it black & gold using gold leaf, I quickly discovered that this was going to be an impractical way to do things.

The internal lighting would be simple. By using sunblock film, the case would remain black until the lights were switched on - at which point the internals would be visible. I planned to create a wooden base for the computer so that all the cables and connectors could be hidden in the base, as well as the CD ROM drive stealthed nicely.

Since I wanted a clean look for the cube, I didn't want to cut any holes in it. I decided to keep the only holes for 2 80mm case fans in the bottom section.

These were my Sketchup plans...

Corsair Mod Winner: Puzzlebox The concept Corsair Mod Winner: Puzzlebox The concept

I finally planned to make a mainboard mounting plate in the shape of Pinhead, so that when the lights switch on you could see the face of the most evil movie character ever!

For those of you not familiar with the Hellraiser movies, take a look at this page from the Wikipedia.
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