EPIA Alloy mod

May 16, 2006 | 22:03

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Can you handle it?

Sometimes when I don't have a 100% clear plan for a case I just start with the easiest task and go from there. Even though my EPIA Alloy case is going to be used as a HTPC, I still wanted to fit a handle. This will make it easy to transport - I will be taking it to DreamHack Summer 2006 in a few weeks, for example.

Anyone who has done any programming will know that the first rule of programming is along the lines of "don't reinvent the wheel". In other words, search around and see if someone has coded what you need already. Obviously the art of case modding is all about individual artistic flair but there are some times when it just isn't necessary to reinvent the wheel (if you excuse the pun).

EPIA Alloy mod Handle EPIA Alloy mod Handle
EPIA Alloy mod Handle EPIA Alloy mod Handle
To that end, I present to you my solid aluminium carry handle... direct from the shelves at IKEA. If that sounds like cheating, I ask you: would you have guessed if I hadn't told you? Exactly. I had to file each end of the handle to get a close fit because the rim is (naturally) curved. It fits really well, almost as if it had been custom made for this case.

OK so by this point I used up a bunch of time but haven't really achieved that much. Time to get busy. Time to fit the hard drive cage.

EPIA Alloy mod Handle EPIA Alloy mod Handle
EPIA Alloy mod Handle EPIA Alloy mod Handle

The process itself was quite straightfoward. I salvaged a standard 3.5 inch drive cage from an old case and carefully lined it up on the rim, marking the mounting holes with a marker pen. Out with the drill and drilled the four holes, and then riveted it in place.
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