Overclocked Orange

Written by Antony Leather

May 27, 2009 | 09:05

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Overclocked Orange by Mremulator

Foreword, by Antony Leather

David Penfold or Mremulator as he's more widely known on various forums, was inspired by last year's Custom PC Dream PC labs test winner - The Great White, entered by Scan.co.uk. While it used the same Silverstone TJ-07 case, David's Overclocked Orange took on a very different form early on but also boasted a monster specification once he'd finished it.

After a considerable amount of deliberation on the name and components, Overclocked Orange takes its name from the book, A Clockwork Orange and the theme features heavily in the build. The attention to detail is staggering as is the whole PC. In fact he even had the BBC knocking on the door wanting to video it! You can see the video here but read on for an insight into how Overclocked Orange came in to being. Without further ado, it's over to David.

Introduction and conception

I was reading Issue 61 of Custom PC magazine on holiday last summer, when I came across the annual Dream PC labs test. The winner was Scan’s Great White Dream PC and I knew then and there that I’d love to build a similar PC.

Overclocked Orange Introduction and Conception

The SilverStone TJ07 case has always struck me as a beautiful thing to behold and the fact you can fit triple radiators in the top and bottom meant it was well suited to my needs. Given that it had also received glowing reviews, it seemed to be the logical choice. I’d seen other modders powder-coat cases in orange and black, and thought this colour combination was amazing for a PC case.

Overclocked Orange Introduction and Conception Overclocked Orange Introduction and Conception

With both a case and colour scheme in mind, I needed to think of a name for the project. The inspiration for this came during a drive home from work. Names such as Orange Dream Machine, Tangerine Dream and Orange Extreme ran through my head, and eventually, I thought of the film ‘Clockwork Orange’, and finally decided on Overclocked Orange.
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