Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter

Written by Geoff Richards

July 19, 2005 | 08:50

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Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Mission Debrief

Mission Debrief

With his mission complete, we cornered Corporal König for a quick Q&A session:

BT: Where was the photography taken for this project?
OK: If you look closely, you will see that the background is the same as most of the final photos for my HL2 Mod, Blackmesa Experimental Lambda Core . It's just a wall in the cellar of my office where I work. Hehe . . .

BT: Why are the cases named RCM415 and RCM389?
OK: It stands for Radio Command Module - it just sounded cool to me. The numbers have no peticular meaning - the vehicles in BF2 mostly have such numbers on the chassis; they just came into my mind.

BT: How much did they cost to make?
OK: Because it was a project for EA , I don’t want to talk about money.

BT: How long did they take to make?
OK: I made all four cases in ten weeks. I worked nearly every evening after my day job and some hours an the weekends. I have no idea how many in total - maybe 100-125 hours.

BT: FOUR cases you say? Where are the other two?
OK: These first two, as you can see, are themed for the US Army. The other two are one each themed for the Middle East Coalition and The People's Repuplic of China.

BT: Sweet. So, err, can you show us?
OK: No, not yet. I don't know what plans EA has for them, and I have to wait for a green light from them before showing anybody.

BT: Boo! Well, what plans do EA have for the two US Army cases?
OK: The case-only RCM389 will be given away very soon on The full system RCM415 will be given away in a future issue of Germany's PC Games Hardware magazine.

We'll finish with a few more juicy close-ups:

Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Mission Debrief Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Mission Debrief
Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Mission Debrief Battlefield 2 by Butterkneter Mission Debrief

Remember, if you want any of these photos to use as a desktop wallpaper, let us know. You can also ask Oliver questions, or just congratulate him on a job well done, in our Article Discussion forum.
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