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Written by Wil Harris

August 24, 2005 | 21:27

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Day Three Headlines:

    Stream games around your home
    The concept of Remote Gaming is that you can stream a game from a powerful machine to a thin client somewhere else in your home. Can you say whisper quiet, full-powered living room gaming?

    WiMax actually works, it seems.
    Intel has given a number of demonstrations of WiMax working in the real world. It seems like the wireless broadband tech is finally starting to kick off.

    Vista on a handheld by 2007
    Intel's CEO has shown off a new type of pocket device that he thinks will have the power to run the new version of Windows.

    Intel to release new enthusiast gear soon
    Moles out at IDF have hinted at new Intel releases for the high-end before the year is out. We have a few details inside.

    Apples are on the loose in San Francisco!
    Intel's new relationship with Apple means that the fruity firm has suddenly become all acceptable at the Intel event. We track down those Apple asides...

    Corsair shows off funky case
    Corsair are showing off their 8000UL memory, and have a spectacular kaleidoscope case on their stand promoting their Xpert modules.

Day Two Headlines:

Day One Headlines:

    Next generation Centrino includes dual core
    Sean Maloney, Intel's mobile honcho, has officially introduced the next Centrino platform, Napa. It includes not only dual core chips, but also improved graphics and video support too.

    DDR3 memory to come in 2007
    Intel has been talking about its roadmap for desktop memory. DDR3 is in from 2007, and DDR2 is ramping up speeds.

    Intel PC powered by car battery
    Fed up of running out of power? Why not do like Intel and hook up your PC straight to a car battery?

    Intel introduces new desktop processors
    Intel's got new processors coming. They are planning to change their entire desktop and notebooks line to chips based on the same microarchitecture, delivering better performance per watt of power. Could this be Intel's comback kid?

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