World of Warplanes Interview

Written by James Gorbold

September 15, 2011 | 07:44

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World of Warplanes PC Interview

Bit-Gamer: How high will you able to able to climb, and will this be different across aircraft? In the current build the planes can climb up to 3km above the ground, but all the action occurs at low altitudes as one of the winning conditions is destroying the enemy ground base. Moreover, players tend to use all sorts of ground object, such as canyons and mountains, to hide from the enemy. Clouds, which are also used for hiding, are also 'placed' relatively low now, so going above them doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Bit-Gamer: How complex do you plan on making the terrain maps - would you be able to hide in valleys? We’ll have maps representing different continents with different terrain types. There will be urban maps with skyscrapers, as well as maps featuring canyons, mountains and sea landscapes. Plus, you will of course be able to take advantage of terrain peculiarities of this or that map during the battle.

*World of Warplanes Interview World of Warplanes PC Interview

Bit-gamer: Will there be active weather, such as clouds, wind and rain? Can you, for example, use the favourite fighter tactic of 'attacking out of the sun?' We’ll probably have weather effects on particular maps. Clouds – yes, we already have them in the game. 'Attacking out of the sun' tactics are also already available and are widely used by our alpha-testers.

Bit-Gamer: How will you stop players just crashing into better planes? What will happen if you're in a biplane and you crash into an Me-262 to kill it? We're not going to stop players from ramming each other, as this would be a fun tactic that many players would use. However, ramming won’t be an easy thing to do; staying alive after ramming the enemy will be even harder.

*World of Warplanes Interview World of Warplanes PC Interview
The business end of an Me-109 with its monster 20mm cannon embedded in the spinner

Bit-Gamer: Can you get damaged by falling wreckage from other aircraft killed above you? Definitely! But your plane will hardly be killed by the objects falling from above, they’ll just damage it.

Bit-gamer: Do you have any plans for night missions with special radar-equipped night fighters such as the Bristol Beaufighter? We’d LOVE to have night fights! As for some special radar-equipped planes, we’re not sure yet.

That's all for now folks. Thanks to all the Bit-Gamer readers who submitted their questions; we hope you got the answers you wanted. We're planning on meeting up with in a few weeks to play the alpha of World of Warplanes. We'll let you know what we think soon afterwards. In the meantime, don't forget to check out's current game, World of Tanks.
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