Games of the Year 2011

Written by bit-tech Staff

December 21, 2011 | 08:09

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Fifth Place - Bastion

*Games of the Year 2011 Games of the Year 2011 - Fifth Place

We never got around to reviewing Bastion when it first came out, but that doesn't mean we overlooked it, or that our experts haven't been enjoying it immensely during the last few months. In fact, thanks to the support of several of our most trusted experts, Bastion managed to beat out strong competition from the likes of Uncharted 3 and secure Fifth Place on our list this year.

Developed by SuperGiant Games, Bastion tells the story of a small boy who wakes up one day to find out that his world has been literally shattered; his universe now consisting of rocks which float in the sky. Silent, even in the face of this catastrophe, Bastion's tale is told via a dynamic narrator who gently adapts the story to match player actions.

As if this cool, husky-toned storyteller wasn't enough, Bastion also benefits from a fantastic soundtrack and a bright, detailed art-style, which is both eye-catching and consistently engaging.

'Playing Bastion for the first time and falling off the edge of the world, I was amazed,' said Gareth Halfacree. 'Aside from football games, reactive narration is a new concept and it's used to beautiful effect here.'

Bastion has its flaws - the biggest of which is the brevity of the experience, according to our panellists - but it remains a fascinating experience on the whole and one which we think everyone should try at least once. Google would seem to agree too, having recently made Bastion available through the Chrome Web Store - play the demo in your Chrome browser right now.
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