Frozen Synapse Community Interview

Written by Joe Martin

July 10, 2011 | 10:12

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Frozen Synapse Community Interview

Eddie Man: What hardware are you running as personal computers and what are your favourite three games of all time?

Paul Taylor: Hardware...seriously? I am writing this on a broken netbook from 2007. I have a quad-core...thing running XP at home that I write music on. Ian has a stupid Alienware laptop from two years ago with blue LED's all over it though; it's like a disgusting Impreza or something. Robin just got a new laptop though. I am both jealous of it and ignorant as to what hardware it packs.

As for what my top three favourite games of all time are, I'd say: Deus Ex, Wing Commander and Starcraft 2. Ian would probably say Thief: The Dark Project, Tribes 2 and Magic Carpet.

Ewan Liddy: Are you hiring?

Paul Taylor: Not right now – sorry!

Adam Niles-Crane Walker: Frozen Synapse would really lend itself to a multi-touch interface. Are there any plans to create a version utilising multi-touch technology?

Paul Taylor: I think Frozen Synapse really lends itself to a mouse, but SO MANY people agree with you that we're looking into this.

*Frozen Synapse Community Interview Frozen Synapse Community Interview
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Stefan Jansson: Which flavour cheesecake do you guys prefer?

Paul Taylor: Chocolate.

Danelle Razer Vivier: What is the name of the game engine that you use in Frozen Synapse?

Paul Taylor: It's called the Torque engine.

Caolan Harrington: What are the plans after the, quite frankly, well-deserved success of Frozen Synapse?

Paul Taylor: Thanks! The plan is: Make more stuff for Frozen Synapse, then make another game.

Tony Palmer: What is it about Frozen Synapse that you think will make people keep on playing it?

Paul Taylor: I think it's a fairly unique kind of multiplayer gameplay that's quite low pressure and gently paced – you can play it while watching TV and that's one reason that a lot of people come back to the game if they stop playing for a while.

Chris Gill: What is your view on casual games that target non 'core' gamers and do you think that they will influence the industry much in the upcoming years? Will we see more microtransactions and free to play games?

*Frozen Synapse Community Interview Frozen Synapse Community Interview
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Paul Taylor: Any diversification of the industry is a good thing. I do think the massive revenues from more casual titles will sway people's decisions in the future, definitely.

Matt Wilkinson: What underpants do you recommend for all-night games of Frozen Synapse?

Paul Taylor: Neon or Sexy. Or both.

Dale Wilks: That soundtrack is sweet! Did you know what you wanted to achieve in terms of music or did you leave it up to Paul Taylor to come up with something to go with the game?

Paul Taylor: Paul Taylor knows what Paul Taylor wants! Paul Taylor loves the third person!

Or: I basically just started writing concept music around the start of the project and then things went from there. As I wrote the script and did the art direction, it all meshed together.
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