Crysis: Warhead Interview

Written by Joe Martin

August 3, 2008 | 01:34

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BT: So, do you see this as more of an expansion pack, or is it a sequel or…

Ben: Well, um, we’re calling it a next instalment. It’s standalone; you don’t need Crysis to run it. You don’t even really need to have played Crysis or know a lot about it. There are references to Crysis obviously because it’s trying to expand on the story.

But no, Warhead really stands alone and that’s kind of the point – CryTek Budapest is a new studio and they wanted to see how they could do on their own product, so this is it.

So, this bit now [referencing in-game action of Psycho radioing back to base] is referring back to Crysis obviously. These people you’re talking to are all characters in the main game, but they all get expanded on in Warhead.

BT: So, you’re calling it the next instalment – but can we expect future instalments in this vein, with different characters? Or will we jump straight to Crysis 2?

Crysis: Warhead Interview Crysis: Warhead Interview - Enhancements

Ben: Well, there’s lots of stuff in the pipeline, but it’s early days yet. I can’t really say anything on it I’m afraid – and not because I won’t, just because the plans are constantly in flux.

BT: Has the game been enhanced at all, graphically? New engine enhancements or anything?

Ben: Yeah…well, we’re always in a permanent state of trying to upgrade the engine at Cry Tek and that’s something we’ve really tried to push with this game. We really wanted to try and dispel the myth that you need a super PC to run it.

A lot of effort has gone into optimising the engine. We’ve even put together a spec for a PC that’ll run the game on high for just 600 Euros. In fact we’ve also got one now for just over 400 Euros.

BT: Heh, you don’t need to tell me – Tim’s spent the last few weeks going on about his spec for a £400 gaming PC. It’s one of those myths that you really need a great PC to run Crysis.

Ben: Yeah, and the whole point of this game is accessibility as well. The fact that it is standalone and that the character is a lot easier to get into and the set pieces are all there to help make the game that much more exciting and tangible for new players.

Crysis: Warhead Interview Crysis: Warhead Interview - Enhancements

That, along with trying to make people realise that you don’t need this super PC to run it – it’s all part of the plan.
BT: So where did you look for ideas of what to tweak?

Ben: We listened to a lot of the feedback from gamers. We tried to take on a lot of the community feedback actually, including things to do with vehicle controls and the feeling of vulnerability people had in vehicles and how two seconds later you were always blowing up…like you just did, ha!

The alien AI as well was something we worked on really heavily to try and make that a more rewarding experience. We worked on that a lot to try and make the aliens feel more intelligent.

BT: And does Psycho still have the same abilities as Nomad in the first game?

Ben: Yeah, well it’s the same nanosuit so he has to really. In games like this it can be very tempting to add in all these new features, but because the story is parallel it would completely break the story. As much as we possibly can we try to add new vehicles and weapons, while keeping the story believable.

Or, as believable as it can be when there’s an alien invasion. There are new weapons and vehicles though, all geared toward trying to provide some great action pieces.
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