A Letter from Minecraft

Written by Joe Martin

November 15, 2010 | 10:40

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Minecraft Pictures

As you can probably imagine from your personal experiences of holidays where you are greeted by the king of the entire country, things got a bit weird after that. King Stickeh gave me a tour of his palace (it didn't take long, as he doesn't have any furniture) and then insisted on getting his chief architects to give me a tour. Of the entire bloody country.

Now, I don't want to whine too much about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... but I do wish we had started somewhere other than the sewers. At least the smell was compensated for by the enthusiasm of the design team - a pair who called themselves Panomama and Elliot_O.

Yeah, I don't know what's up with the names in this country either. Seriously, who names their kid so they have an underscore in their signature?

A Letter from Minecraft Minecraft Pictures A Letter from Minecraft Minecraft Pictures

As you know, I've never been a fan of underground caves full of sewage since that press event for Sewage Simulator 2009, so I admittedly rushed through the tour as fast as I could. I was a little bit interested when they said they'd built it for free, but that was mainly because you couldn't pay me enough to work in the sewers all day. I was a bit curious why the sewers were full of bricks too, but when I tried to ask about it the guides just shrugged and limped on...
A Letter from Minecraft Minecraft Pictures
Panomama & Elliot_o also built a housing estate, which they use to give free housing to eminent immigrants. I asked why they thought to do that, but all I got was a modest, mumbled 'we want to help people new to Minecraft'.

To the right I've attached a postcard of a giant skull. I don't know what the deal with that is, so don't ask.

After the sewers I was quickly accosted by another architect. This guy was more of a modern artist, going by the name of T_Coz. He wanted to show me his latest work - it was a giant doughnut, floating over the sea, casting a shadow like a Krispy Kreme sponsored version of Independance Day!

I asked him why he'd built a doughnut and his only response that he 'wasn't very artistic, so he did this and made it big'. Big didn't quite sum it up for me though, this thing was so huge - it could have fed the bit-tech offices for at least an hour, had it been edible!

A Letter from Minecraft Minecraft Pictures

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