And now we are on to my favourite bit of the game, the sound. I have never, ever, felt anxiety simply from the sounds of a game. That was, until I encounted an artillery shelling, Company of Heroes style, that rocked me (and the buildings in-game!) to the very foundation. The explosions are as realistic as any Hollywood movie, the gunshsots feel like they are whizzing past you, buildings explode and crumble and the bricks really sound like they are crashing over one another. This is the future of game sounds, and it's terrifying and exhilariting.

What's most interesting about all of this, though, is the fact that there is no Creative or X-Fi logo to be found on the box, something of a rarity for big budget games. Company of Heroes hasn't been shouting about its sound quality particularly, but it's up to Saving Private Ryan standards.

Company of Heroes Sound & Conclusion


I must admit when I first got this game I felt smothered in hype. Everywhere I went I saw an advertisement saying 'Company of Heores - the best RTS ever', the Underground, bus stops and billboards painted in war-like propagandada. Always at the back of your mind you worry - worry because you've seen it a million times before with games that were mediocre and average yet had a a a big marketing budget.

I can assure you this game delivers where others flattered to deceive. Packed full of glorious physics, amazing graphics, enjoyable AI and challenging missions this is a genre defining game. One packed full of experiences you will remember for many months and years to come. Cosidering that if you buy the game now over at Play you get it for £24.99 and get the absolutely brilliant Dawn of War game thrown in for free. A great deal for a great game that is simply a must have.

Company of Heroes Sound & Conclusion

Company of Heroes Sound & Conclusion
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