An Interview with Lara Croft

Written by Joe Martin

October 30, 2008 | 07:01

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Lara Croft Interview – Games and Fans

bt: You spend a lot of time in Lara's outfit, running around with guns – so we can probably guess the reaction you get from men, but what sort of reaction do you get from other women? What do women tend to think of Lara Croft?

AC: Lara is a strong, independent and confident woman, so I think she’s got great appeal to woman as well as men.

bt: You must spend a lot of time around the fans though– do you have any horror stories or stalkers at all? It must get a little surreal at times.

AC: Well, one very enthusiastic fan asked me to marry him once! On the whole though, the fans have been really fantastic. Obviously, it’s a big change from what I was doing previously but I love every minute of it. I’m having a great time.

bt: Lara’s character has changed a lot over the years, from the sex symbol of the early years to a more serious and driven character in Tomb Raider: Legend and now from what we’ve seen in Underworld too – do you think that’s a good thing, or is Lara is starting to take herself too seriously?

An Interview with Lara Croft An Interview With Lara Croft - Underworld

AC: Lara always has and always will be a strong and confident character, so she has an everlasting appeal. She’s not really changed all that much.

bt: What do you think Lara's best and worst features are – and what do like most and least about playing her?

AC: Could there be anything bad about playing Lara Croft? I don’t think so!

An Interview with Lara Croft An Interview With Lara Croft - Underworld

bt: There have been plenty of Lara models over the years – what are you hoping to do after Tomb Raider, or are you planning to stick around for another few stints playing Ms. Croft in future games?

AC: Well, at the moment I‘m focusing most on perfecting the way I play the role of Lara, but after that I hope to be in films and television – but who knows, eh?

bt: Last question: Lara was originally closely based on Indiana Jones, but with Harrison Ford getting on a bit now (and the last film being especially pants) there's a gap in the market. So, if it came to it do you think you could beat Indy in no-holds barred fight for the title of King of Archaeology?

AC: Absolutely! Lara could definitely take on Indiana Jones!

Tomb Raider: Underworld is the eighth game in the Tomb Raider series and you can read our latest hands-on preview of Tomb Raider: Underworld, check out some more pictures of Alison Carroll as Lara Croft, or let us know what you think of Lara and the game in the forums.
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