2: Project Offset

Who makes it: Offset Software

When is it out: End of 2007 or early 2008

Why is it good: Project Offset is a game I've been keeping a close eye on for a few months now. It's notable for being on this list not only for it's unbelievably amazing graphics, but also because it's the only game that is currently without a publisher - this, I guess, makes developers 'Offset Software' an indie studio. Well, at least until one of the bug guys moves in to buy them up.

Project Offset is a First Person Sworder set in a medieval fantasy world (groan). What distinguishes the game and makes it really stand out above the crowd though, are the visuals. In some of the demos that are available on the web (check below for a compilation of them all, albeit in low quality) you can see that this game is already getting close to almost movie standards.

What's more, I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of a new franchise. If you hadn't noticed almost everything on this list was either a sequel or spiritual successor to something else. Project Offset is a new dawn that promises massive mystical worlds, dragons, big scary looking blue monsters as well as brilliant multiplayer games. The screenshots really should speak for themselves, this game looks brilliant.

What could go wrong: It's all well and good trying to gauge how great a game is from the quality of the screenshots but currently very little is known about how the levels are going to be formed. It may look epic, but that illusion would be quickly shattered if we found out it was only 2 hours long.

Another fear has to be the way Dark Messiah was received. There is still a definite question mark over whether and FPS game can happily substitute a gun for a sword and still challenge as a top game. Another obvious problem for many will be the hardware requirements, it's unclear what kind of power will be needed to run Project Offset but we assume you're going to be looking at GeForce 8800s if you want to get anywhere near decent settings.

Most Wanted Games of 2007 Most Wanted: 2 & 1 Most Wanted Games of 2007 Most Wanted: 2 & 1
Most Wanted Games of 2007 Most Wanted: 2 & 1

1: Crysis

Who makes it: Crytek

When is it out: March 2007

Why is it good: The number one, mac daddy of 2007 can be none other than Crysis. Hailing from the same developer that bought us the sleeper hit that was Far Cry (still probably the second best FPS of all time), Crysis looks absolutely astonishing. We've already taken a look at the game a couple of months back when the first screenshots started filtering through and since then more videos, pictures and information has come to light. None of which will disappoint.

I don't have time to go through the list of things that we're anticipating in Crysis, here are just a few: The gorgeous visuals, landscapes that are interactive beyond anything we've already seen, Stephen Hawking levels of intelligence in the AI, a suit which will provide super hero style power ups, massive alien enemies to fight and a bigger emphasis on making the multiplayer as great as the single player. Crytek appears to be taking everything good about its first game and adding a whole extra dollop of brilliance to this one. Crysis is our most wanted game of 2007.

What could go wrong: Will your PC be able to run it? Probably not. We suggest getting a group of friends together, pooling all your cash to buy a super PC and then taking it in turns to play the game through.

Most Wanted Games of 2007 Most Wanted: 2 & 1 Most Wanted Games of 2007 Most Wanted: 2 & 1
Most Wanted Games of 2007 Most Wanted: 2 & 1 Most Wanted Games of 2007 Most Wanted: 2 & 1

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