Everglide Giganta

Written by Dave Williams

December 17, 2001 | 00:00

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Everglide Giganta Mouse Pad and Friends

Supplied by Everglide.

Mouse pads *yawn*, boring aren't they? Well LISTEN UP! They may not be as glamorous as the latest billion Hz CPU or 50,000 fps graphics card, but they are just as important to the regular PC user. "Yeah, sure, and why's that then?" I hear you say? Well, it's surprising just how much difference a good mousing surface can make to your computing pleasure, not to mention RSI, (or in this case, lack thereof). In fact when you consider how much you depend on your mouse, it's surprising that more attention isn't paid to the quality of the "mousing experience".

Everglide is a company that specialise in enhancing the "mousing experience". Here I am looking at three of their products as a kit, although they are not sold as a kit but individual items. The products are the Black Giganta Mouse Pad, Wrist Rest and Bungee.

The Giganta mouse pad is made from hard, high density plastic and has a "stone" textured surface. It measures 24cm x 29cm and is approximately 6.5mm thick. The pad has a cut out to accept the matching wrist rest. Incidentally the pad is available in a range of printed designs to suit your taste. I chose the basic design because I'm a simple guy.

This is what it looks like from above.

Everglide Giganta The Pad

Stuck to the underside are 5 non-slip rubber feet.

Everglide Giganta The Pad

The feet are very slim but really "stick" to the desk to prevent the Giganta pad from moving, even during the most frantic of game playing.

Everglide Giganta The Pad

The edge has been bevelled to give a stylish finish to the pad.

Everglide Giganta The Pad

Close up of the surface showing the irregular texture.

Everglide Giganta The Pad

The wrist rest is cloth covered and gel filled and is firm but comfortable. With constant use, I think this pad will continue to give excellent support long after inferior foam pads have given up.

Everglide Giganta The Pad

The underside of the pad is totally non-slip and will not move in use. In fact you can't even push it along the desk, it has to be picked up to move it. Check out that shine!

Everglide Giganta The Pad

A perfect match!

Everglide Giganta The Pad
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